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  • 歡迎來到鎮江福馬叉車有限公司!


    0511- 88895210
    關于我們ABOUT US
    聯系我們CONTACT US
    • 聯系:劉先生
    • 電話:0511- 88895210
    • 手機:13705280701
    • 傳真:0511- 88895220
    • 郵箱:sale@zjfmcc.com
    • 網址:www.zjfmcc.net
    • 廠址:江蘇省鎮江市丁卯開發區經四路(揚帆路)12號


      Zhenjiang FUMA Forklift Truck Co., Ltd. Is a main enterprise of the forklift truck industry in Jiangsu Province, located in the famous historical and culture city. Zhenjiang,where can reach Shanghai and Nanjin by Huning railway and express way, and with good opening port, Dagang port , in this city. Our company has forging, fabrication, machining, heat treatment , painting, parts assembling, assembling and test running, specification test, etc. manufacturing methods, and with experiment laboratory and test yard for products development and research.
      We begin to manufacture forklift truck since 1976.Now we are able to design and manufacture different kinds and models series forklift truck. The whole process of manufacturing has severe quality control, manufacturing and testing method is in advance in domestic industry. 
      We have obtained the ISO9001:2008Quality Certificate and Export Licence. In 2006, we are awarded for AAA+grade quality and credit company and Chinese famous brand by China Quality Promotion Association and China Enterprise credit Inspection Center.
      FUMA is a registered trademark by National Industry and Business Administration Bureau.

    0511- 88895210
    聯系人:劉先生 地址:江蘇省鎮江市丁卯開發區經四路(揚帆路)12號
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