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  • 歡迎來到鎮江福馬叉車有限公司!


    0511- 88895210
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    • 聯系:劉先生
    • 電話:0511- 88895210
    • 手機:13705280701
    • 傳真:0511- 88895220
    • 郵箱:sale@zjfmcc.com
    • 網址:www.zjfmcc.net
    • 廠址:江蘇省鎮江市丁卯開發區經四路(揚帆路)12號

    Fuma type CCD 2-3 tons series electric side forklift is the development of new products, developed on a 3 ton diesel forklift our side of the mature.

    The forklift use double double control full AC USA Curtiss electric control system, the domestic high-quality motor and 80V/700Ah large capacity battery, automatic liquid filling device is equipped with a battery; hydraulic gear pump separate motor drives, power utilization rate is high, no peak voltage, low system noise, and greatly improves the vehicle's reliability and service life of the machine; fast acceleration, climbing ability, long continuous working time, low noise, good passing ability, high mobility, using, warranty, repair convenience, no pollution etc.. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, aluminum, steel structure, new building materials and other industries airtight workshop or warehouse loading and unloading, stacking and transport.

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    0511- 88895210
    聯系人:劉先生 地址:江蘇省鎮江市丁卯開發區經四路(揚帆路)12號
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